Sample Reports to Inform Your Location Choices for Ireland

Explore our detailed reports to gain crucial insights into any location — whether you're starting a business, finding a new home, securing funding, or evaluating investment opportunities. Pick information like competitors and complementary businesses, planning trends, property prices and the people who live in the area to allow you to make decisions based on richer data and to get more structure for your detailed research. See some examples below.

Starting a business

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Imagine you're considering starting an interior design business. You're considering two prospective locations and you'd like to know the age breakdown of the areas, recent planning permissions, affluence and information about the types of homes in each area.

As you've great expertise in children’s playrooms you want to know the types of families in the areas. You're interested in competition. Last but not least you feel the following businesses might complement yours: furniture shops, upholsterers, painter/decorators, paint shops and fabric shops.

Looking at a potential house move

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Imagine you've two children under the age of five. You've seen a house you really like but want to know a little more about the area. You're interested in the age breakdown of the people living in the area, the number of families with pre-school and early school children and the working categories of the people.

As you enjoy an active lifestyle and socialising you'd also like to get a sense of the area in terms of: cafes and coffee shops, childcare, schools, gyms, leisure clubs, leisure centres and restaurants.

People and Lifestyle

There are more than 20 types of people and lifestyle-related items to choose from e.g. Age Breakdown, Level of Education, Family Size etc.


Three types of property items can be selected for an area and each are reported on with some combination of charts, maps and tables.

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  • Planning Applications in Ireland
  • New Completions in Ireland

Categories and Brands

For a category or a brand the report will show the ten closest occurrences of the category/brand in question to the location chosen within the area defined, or as many as occur within the area, in both map form and an accompanying table listing their addresses. If there is information regarding their Google review score and number of reviews, these will also be included.